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At Integrative Approaches to Wellness we believe that the more accessible our staff is to you the more we can improve the quality of your healthcare.  To accomplish this we utilize Klara and YourHealthFile. 

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Klara gives each patient the ability to directly interact with our staff via a text/chat format instead of having to call the office, wait on hold, and potentially leave a voicemail. 


To set up your account with our staff send an email to  Afterwards, you can click on the Klara logo to navigate directly to the Klara Login page and begin interacting immediately.

Patient Portal Logo.png

With the YourHealthFile patient portal, your path to wellness just got simpler.

Click Sign In to access these features and more, or to enroll, send an 

e-mail to to gain access!


Review your personal account information and complete forms.

Clinical Summaries

Review a detailed summary of your health record and the results of your last office visit, all online.


Review all the medications in your health record.

Enhanced Communication

Communicate with your practice via secure message system.


Keep track of your allergies, and avoid negative interactions.

Lab Test Results

Why wait for a phone call? You can safely view the results of your lab tests online.

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